Stack® (Coming Soon)

Powerful formulations to correct and maintain a healthy range for specific metabolic states and conditions.

Targeted Delivery

Stack® formulations are suspended in a gelatine based gel to aide in targeted absorption at the appropriate stage of digestion.

Advanced Formulations

Formulations are enhanced by un-biased AI, resulting in data-driven, combinations of beneficial compounds.


Gel-shots mean convenient delivery with precision.

Intake Tracking & Reminders

Pair with the Biolink app to receive timing and dosage reminders to ensure you are getting the right molecules at the right time.

Stream® Integration

Soon you will be able to see how your Stack® is affecting your metabolic states with Stream®. Adjust dosage and timing according to your Stream data.

Stack® Variants

Variant NameRRPConfiguration
Kidney Health$3.00 /serve30 Serves
Liver Health$5.00 /serve30 Serves
Urinary Tract Infection$4.00 /serve30 Serves
Burn Sugar$4.00 /serve30 Serves
Burn Fat$4.00 /serve30 Serves

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